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Harlaw Area Lifelong Learning Association

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Art Classes

Art & Craft groups and classes happen through out the week at HALLA in the fabulous Kaimhill Learning Centre (part of the modern Kaimhill Primary school premises). The times are:

Tuesdays - 09:30-11:30am (art group - continuous)

Tuesdays - 09:30-11:30am (felting group - term time)

Wednesdays - 09:30-11:30am & 12noon-2:00pm (in 10 week blocks)

Thursdays - 10:00-12noon (mixed media art - in 6 week blocks)

Below are some of the artwork from people who came to our groups the novices through to regular painters. The HALLA art community often learn a lot from each other in the tuesday groups as well as the taught 6 and 10 week block courses.

For further information, or to book a place phone HALLA on 01224 498164 or email us at

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